Why Handmade Shoes Are The Better Than Machine Made Footwear

The unique element with handmade shoes is the fact that they are tailored to meet your needs and preferences. But even then, some shoemakers only produce bespoke footwear and can fashion a pair following a client’s design, colour, and style preferences to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.

Compared to the shoes made using machines with no manual input, the handmade shoes offer a kind of comfort that cannot be equalled. And although the handmade footwear tends to be more expensive than their machine-made ones, owning one such pair is a delight for many. From the comfort to the attention to detail, this handmade footwear is cut above the rest and below are the reasons why.

1. Leather quality

Most of the factory made shoes that are put together using machines tend to be made of cheap quality leather. As a result, these shoes will develop splits and cracks with a relatively short period. Moreover, any repairs done to them will not last, and they may lose their shape and fail to mould perfectly to the feet. Such problems are rare with the handmade shoes since they are made from genuine, premium quality leather for a sturdy build that lasts.

2. Sole

Aside from the use of premium quality leather, the sole of the footwear should be of high quality to offer maximum support and comfort. The regular formal shoes mostly use soles made from materials that do not provide the same level of cushioning that the rubber soles used in the handmade footwear do.

3. Regular vs. premium shoes

The materials used in making the shoes is what differentiates the premium handmade footwear from the regular shoes. Every element, right from the leather, lining, and stitching thread and everything else is of high quality, and the design is one of excellence and meant to deliver complete comfort.

4. Machine vs. hands

The making of a pair of shoes has various stages. For the big manufacturers that have a production line run by machines, will make several shoes with a very short period with no resting periods in the process. However, for the handmade shoes, the craftsmen take their time to think through every phase of the production process. As a result, there are no flaws since everything is done meticulously compared to the hurried process that is more about increasing the production rate as opposed to producing quality products.

Other than the above reasons mentioned above, below are some of the top benefits of handmade shoes that make them a better choice:

  • Perfect fit and comfort – Bespoke shoes are also referred to as “comfort footwear” of the material used and how they are made. They flat rubber soles that allow for even weight distribution, soft inner lining, and flexible yet sturdy leather.
  • Variety – Handmade footwear can be found in a variety of design, texture, colour and style options for men, women, the youth and children.
  • Uniqueness and versatility – with handcrafted shoes, you can have the pride of wearing footwear that is of a limited edition without having to spend a lot of money on the designer shoes. You get to own a unique pair that exudes versatility through its elegance in style and design.
  • Durability – Quality materials and construction are the primary elements that ensure handmade shoes last long without losing their style or the comfort they provide.

While handmade shoes may be expensive than their counterparts, it is evident from the above information that this handcrafted footwear is the best choice, especially for the quality conscious and discerning individuals.

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